Academic teaching & research

Bronwyn Hanna History and Heritage offers:

  • Academic lectures on the history and development of Australian heritage and Australian architecture (including historical accounts of Australian women architects)
  • Academic research and writing
  • Small group tutoring
  • Historical walking tours about Australian heritage and Australian art, architecture and design history.

Dr Bronwyn Hanna trained as an architectural and planning historian with Professors Joan Kerr at Sydney University and Rob Freestone at UNSW. Her PhD was on the historiography of women architects in Australia and she has recently undertaken an oral history investigation into the history of Australian heritage. She has published widely on the history of the Australian built environment.  

Bronwyn's oral history project for the Australian National Library about the Burra Charter resulted in 23 interviews with pioneering heritage practitioners in Australasia and a timeline history of Australia ICOMOS (so far). Most interviews may be accessed online, including those with:

  • David Yencken
  • John Mulvaney
  • Meredith Walker
  • Miles Lewis
  • Clive Lucas
  • Jane Lennon
  • Peter Marquis-Kyle
  • Richard Allom
  • David Young
  • Elizabeth Vines
  • Sharon Sullivan
  • Robert Irving
  • Max Bourke
  • Peter James