HISTORICAL Walking tours


Bronwyn Hanna History & Heritage designs and conducts walking tours of historic places around Sydney. We also arrange bush walking outings in the Royal National Park, an hour's drive or train trip south of Sydney. Please contact us to arrange a time and tour of your choice. We offer established 2-3 hour tours exploring:

  • The foundation days of Sydney from 1788: the British invasion and penal colony, convict lifestyles and Governor Macquarie's humanist vision and legacy
  • Introduction to Australian art (indigenous and European) at the Art Gallery of New South Wales with walk to the Sydney Opera House 
  • Women's lives in Chippendale, an inner city suburb now home to "Spice Alley" and the White Rabbit Gallery
  • Industry and gentrification in Ulitmo and Pyrmont
  • Royal National Park walk from Bundeena to Jibben Beach to see Aboriginal rock carvings and the northern section of the famous coast walk

Bronwyn has led local walking tours for the international tour guide company, “Context"  as well as for the local organisations “Chippendale Creative Precinct” and "Go Local Tours."

Client feedback from Context clients :

“In spite of the rain, and in spite of having Context staff join our walk (added pressure for sure), our docent did an exceptional job. We could not be more pleased.” (March 2017)

“It wasn't Bronwyn fault that this was the first rain we encountered in over 2 weeks in Australia. We made the best of it and found that we drew time and again on what she shared with us. Our tour included really important things like obtaining Opal cards and using the public transportation system. Given the horrid weather, we opted to spend a few hours in the Art Gallery of NSW and Bronwyn made sure that we got there safely. She was informed, articulate and gracious. Can't think of anything that she could have done differently.” (February 2017)

“Bronwyn kept us in the shade almost the entire time. There also was a breeze so the temp was fine and Bronwyn gave us a great tour. . . . She didn't tell us much about the Strumpets part, but then we didn't ask about those details. Doesn't matter to me but if she were doing a group tour with people who expected to hear about that and didn't they could be disappointed. She gave us lots of interesting info so we were fine.” (January 2017 on a very hot day)

"As always we greatly enjoyed context tours" (December 2016:)

Feedback from Chippendale Creative Precinct tours:

• “Yes it was a fabulous tour- I had a great time and could tell others did too. I will certainly pass on great feedback I have already received!“ (from CP organiser, 11 May 2017))

• “ ‘What did you enjoy the most about the tour?’ Interesting varied spots of interest. Knowledgeable and very enthusiastic guide. ‘What do you think we could have done to make the tour even better?’ I think realistically it needs to be a 2.5hr tour. There were some slow walkers, lots of questions (I was guilty of most of them) and we missed the sustainable house which was a shame. I really loved every second though. One of the best I've been on.” (11 May 2017)

• "I think that was my best tour yet! May they continue forever” (11 May 2017)

• “I enjoyed the tour a great deal as I live in the area and found out quite  a lot of information that I was not aware of. I thought Bronwyn was very good at relying the information and her enthusiasm for the subject was evident and that has made me want to learn more about the area. I can not think of any improvements at this stage.” (11 May 2017)

• “Today's tour was very informative and we learnt so much about a district we knew very little about. Pace and distance were perfect. We certainly would be interested in more tours and will pass on to friends how enjoyable they are.” (8 October 2016)

•  “Having worked for the brewery for 10 years from 1984 to 1994 and being an ex Balmain girl, I was really interested to see what had been done with the precinct and how Chippendale had changed since those days. I was so delighted to see how wonderful Kensington St has become and look forward to seeing more changes as they happen. I spent many happy times in the Clare Hotel and love what has been done with it. Bronwyn's knowledge of the area is very good, but I don't feel that the tour was long enough. I would have loved to have heard more about the different architectural styles of the homes and buildings and other places of interest, such as the history of the Broadway Shopping Centre and the old Hellfire Club.” (8 October 2016)

• “It was disappointing not to see the inside of any of the items. Consequently I think the tour was not very attractive for locals. The guide was pleasant and friendly and did her best to include us all into a difficult sound environment.” (8 October 2016)

• “I had a fantastic time on the tour. In particular I enjoyed Bronwyn's knowledge of the area and specific stories that brought to life both the urban dynamics and the personal experiences of people in the area. For me as a Geography teacher it will allow me to share information about the area with my students and provides a framework in which they can continue their individual investigations.” (8 October 2016)